Heart Yoga and Healing Reiki

My next workshop series is combining my two favorite things: yoga and Reiki! If you are interested in receiving Reiki, but aren’t sure what it is, feel free to contact me for a free consultation! Reiki is an energy healing technique for positivity and stress relief, to get more from your life and achieve your goals. Are you ready to change your life? You have everything you need already, use Reiki to jumpstart a new beginning.

Heart Yoga & Healing Reiki
A safe and healing environment for healing through yoga and Reiki. Learn the relationship of breath and the body in this gentle yoga class for all levels. Learn to identify and release tension from the body, easing emotional and physical stress. Calm a busy mind and begin to observe and listen to your inner voice.

Featuring restorative yoga postures with props for ultimate relaxation. Students will receive light, hands-on Reiki infused assists to promote healing. Create positive intention mantras to manifest recovery for your health. Discussion, journaling and creative expression will be encouraged for your own healing process.

3 Saturdays 11am-12:30pm April 18, 25, May 2
Only $45 for the series! Register at Meiklem’s Kiln Works to reserve your spot online!

Individual Reiki Sessions

Available at a discounted rate when you sign up for the workshop series!

$65 $55 60 minute Reiki session  or  $185 $175 Three 60 minute session package               

$85 $75 90 minute Reiki session or  $250 $240 Three 90 minute session package

Contact: mollyheartyoga@gmail.com or call 860-961-8627


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