Yoga & Acro Play Time Workshops

I’ve been teaching some partner yoga workshops at Meiklem’s and Blissworks, and last night, I hosted my first workshop at the Dragon’s Egg in Ledyard! The space is absolutely beautiful, it’s a big open space with mirrors out in the woods. Driving there is like a journey into a microcosm.

I had so much fun leading some fun partner poses and getting people out of their comfort zones to try new things. The community energy was invigorating after a long winter, like spring for the soul. We worked together to make a down dog train, grew partner trees, and did some arm balances and inversions.

Here are some pictures from last night!





Hope you can make the next workshop! Planning more future dates to come.

Hosting again at the Dragon’s Egg in Ledyard at 401 Shewville Rd, Ledyard CT.

Tuesday April 21 6:30-8:30 pm. $20 at the door, or register online!

Click here to pay and register online:


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