Beginner through Advanced Private Yoga Classes

Are you thinking about private yoga classes? Individual instruction can help you begin or deepen your yoga practice. Beginners through advanced practitioners will gain guidance tailored to their own body type and personal goals. If a group class is intimidating, or hard to follow, private instruction will help you learn at your own pace, focused on your own learning style (visual, auditory, physical, verbal).


Learn the fundamentals of poses, with detailed alignment instruction. Private classes work at your own pace, so you can ask questions along the way, and work on your personal goals. From understanding how you set up a pose, to gaining more strength or flexibility, your class will be focused on whatever you want to learn about!


So you have already been to group classes and want to learn more? Or you can’t find a class time you can make? Creating a personal practice that you can do at home can be a daunting task. Work with me in a private class on your own schedule to create a home practice. Like a personal trainer, a private yoga teacher will boost your confidence and knowledge, so that you can do more on your own. Learn how to create a sequence of poses that you can perform, such as hip openers after sitting at a desk all day, or backbends and inversions to increase energy flow.

Interested in scheduling a private yoga class with Molly Murkett Bruno? E-mail her at or call 860-961-8627 for more information!


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