Teaching New Weekly Classes at Get Bent in Norwich

I am teaching new weekly classes starting this week at Get Bent in Norwich. I am excited to have found a studio in my hometown! Get Bent has only been open for 2 years. I don’t think while growing up, I ever would have thought Norwich would have its own yoga studio! I’m excited to be a part of the growing movement of yoga in Connecticut.

Since Mr. Bruno and I bought our first house in Norwich this year, I was looking for a local place to sub some yoga classes to get more experience. I didn’t expect only 4 months later to be offered 2 weekly classes! Get Bent has a variety of classes to offer, from Meditation to Yoga Fundamental to TRX Suspension Training (a resistance training class).

I will be teaching a couple hot yoga classes, Vinyasa on Monday 9:30-10:45 am and a Power Vinyasa on Friday evenings 5:15-6:45 pm. You can sign up online at getbentinnorwich.com or just come down to 207 N. Main St in Norwich. The studio is in the same building as Macara Vehicle Services, which has major signage so you can’t miss it!

If you haven’t been to Get Bent before, you can try out 2 weeks of unlimited classes for only $25! They also have great discounts for some local employers such as Norwich Public Schools and Backus Hospital. There’s also a great referral program! You get a free class when you bring a new student to class or have a friend refer you as a new student when they come. What a great deal! I know yoga can sometimes be an investment, but Get Bent has so many ways to try out yoga and save.

Here are 4 recommendations for trying a new yoga studio, or trying yoga for the first time!

  1. Try out many different teachers. Just like in school, not every teacher’s personality will mesh with yours. It is beneficial to your dedication to your practice to enjoy the person whose voice you will be listening to for an hour or more! One of my pet peeves is a high pitched “yoga teacher” voice. I prefer someone down to earth, with specific instructions. Everybody will have their own personal preferences. The unlimited 2 week intro at Get Bent is a great way to get a taste of different teachers before committing to a class card.
  2. Set up your mat in the middle of the room. If you are a visual learner, and especially if you are still learning the basic poses, it will help to be able to see other students in front of you and in back when you turn around. Even if the teacher isn’t modelling the poses, you will be able to see what other students are doing.
  3. Arrive to class early! If you need to fill out waivers or have specific questions for teachers, it’s always good to arrive at least 10 minutes before class. If you are a beginner, tell your teacher! They are there to help you, and can show you around the studio, and give you some tips about their class.
  4. Take child’s pose. Know that you can always take child’s pose to rest or if you feel tired. Don’t childsbe a hero and struggle through an entire class if your body is not ready for the rigors. Take child’s pose for 5 breaths or more and reassess, then you can rejoin the students wherever they are. I always encourage students to take child’s pose as much as possible when they are first starting out. It is not “giving up” or “being a wuss”. It IS taking care of yourself and having an enjoyable experience! You will build up strength and endurance class by class.

I hope to see you at class sometime soon. Be well!


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