5 Reasons to Try Yoga with a Partner

Down dog with my niece outside

Yoga with a friend, is always more fun!

Interested in Partner Yoga, Inversions, Arm Balances, and Acro?

Come join me at the Dragon’s Egg in Ledyard for a fun class Tuesday June 16, 6:30-8:30 pm.

Bring a friend and you both save $5! $30 for a pair. $20 for individual. Click here to Register in Advance, credit cards accepted (for those of you cash challenged). Walk-in registration accepted. See you there!

5 Reasons to Try Yoga with a Partner

  1. Increase your stamina and confidence with the support of a partner or group. Combat your fear of falling in arm balances, going upside down, and learn the skills to support a partner as well as be supported. Together, we can do so much more!
  2. Hone your body awareness. Learn to contract specific muscles as well as build whole body awareness.
  3. Strengthen the core for better balance! Supporting others’ body weight will develop core strength, for stronger muscles in the abdominal area and back. A stronger core is the basis for doing more advanced poses, and increase your balance for arm balances and inversions.
  4. Build community and communication skills. Learn to know your needs and boundaries. By communicating your needs to others as well as listening to others, become more aware of your relationships with others, and your communication style.
  5. Have fun with friends and make new ones! My favorite part about partner yoga is that you can do it with anyone, anywhere! Take the skills you learn and play with a friend. Partner yoga has taught me to play more and enjoy my relationships, bringing me closer to my family and friends, both on and off the mat. I have noticed a change in the quality of energy I have, providing me with more joy and laughter. The change has brought me to open my heart and mind in both my personal life and to my professional life with students and clients.

Community Yoga and Acro Play Time workshop located at the beautiful Dragon’s Egg in Ledyard CT. 401 Shewville Rd. 6:30-8:30 pm on Tuesday June 16.

Register in advance online! Stay tuned for upcoming dates at the Egg!

Contact Molly Murkett Bruno
Call 860-961-8627 or e-mail: mollyheartyoga@gmail.com


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