Veterans Yoga Project Fundraising Class

veterans-day-seaport-smSaturday November 12, 10-11 AM at Get Bent in Norwich.

This donation yoga class is in honor of Veterans and active duty! An all levels, gentle flowing class designed to improve your mind and body connection, strengthen your body and improve flexibility.

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I am dedicating this class to my father, Sereno Murkett, a Veteran who served in the Vietnam war. Growing up, I heard the glossed over war stories, and looked at photos from my dad’s time in Vietnam. As I grew older, I learned about how post traumatic stress takes a toll on Veterans, and how it affects mental health and every day life.

My dad was the first person to introduce yoga to me. He gave me a yoga book, and I would try to imitate the beautiful yoga pictures. As a teenager, I was flexible and could move my body easily into challenging positions.

After college, I turned back to yoga. My mind was much more full of stress, with negative thoughts, anxiety, and ruminations. I found it much harder to move my body into the poses, as I had also grown physically unfit, slower, weaker, heavier. Through the journey of healing my mind and body, with yoga as my guide, I learned to be gentler with myself, to listen to my body, and intuition.

As a teacher, I saw the stress that others held in their minds and bodies. My passion has been to free people from the traps they have built, unknowingly, by reducing the burdens of the mind. By unwinding just a little bit of stress, offering them a time and place to breathe fully and deeply, I saw peoples’ lives begin to shift. Sometimes the shifts were minor, other times, they were dramatic.

My dad practices meditation and yoga, and through the years, I have realized how important it was for him to create space for himself to heal. At 71 years old, he is still walking, driving, and living a full life. By creating his positive mindset, he has chosen his health as a priority, and it shows.

Get Bent in Norwich is partnering with Veterans Yoga Project as part of a national weeklong fundraising and awareness-raising event. Join this donation-based class during the week of Veterans Day to raise money for programs that support our veterans, families, and communities in all 50 states.

The Veterans Yoga Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity on a mission to supporting the mindful use of yoga therapy to aid recovery and resilience among veterans, their families and their communities. Veterans Yoga Project provides yoga teacher training programs, practice resources for veterans, and healing retreats.

For more information about the Veterans Yoga Project, visit their website at




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