blisspicMolly Murkett Bruno is excited to share her love of movement, breath and relaxation through teaching yoga and practicing Reiki.

Molly received her 200 hour Bliss-inspired Yoga Teacher Training at Blissworks in New London in November 2013. Her training was Anusara inspired, with focus on correct alignment and the 5 principles. She integrates the heart centered themes into her teaching, providing students with mental, emotional, and spiritual instruction, as well as the physical. A Reiki master, she joins her passions for yoga and energy work in her classes with Reiki infused assists during savasana. In 2016, Molly also trained with Karen O’Donnell Clarke of Yoga Heals Us and received her 25 hour certification for Chair Yoga.

Molly was instantly attracted to the revitalizing and transformational benefits of yoga as a balance to a busy lifestyle.

Molly’s passion is helping people incorporate relaxation and recreation for a healthier lifestyle. She loves integrating touch and positive intention into yoga classes to help students go deeper into the experience of their body, mind, and spirit. Practicing yoga helps to improve the quality of your daily life. Students report feeling empowered, energized and centered.

Contact me with questions, private sessions, reiki and more!

E-mail: mollyheartyoga@gmail.com

Phone: 860.961.8627

Find me on Facebook: Molly Heart Yoga

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Based out of Southeastern Connecticut.


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