Private Yoga

Private yoga sessions are available to customize your experience. Whether you are looking for a structured session, more intuitive, or want to gain strength and flexibility, yoga sessions are available to fit your mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. Prepare to go deeper into your practice, with the guidance and motivation of Molly Murkett Bruno.

Schedule a free consultation to discuss your needs and if private yoga is right for you!

Contact: Molly Murkett Bruno



Private Yoga Rates: (Just click to schedule an appointment!)

  • $65 60 minute Private Yoga
  • $85 90 minute Private Yoga Session
  • $65 60 minute Private Restorative Yoga & Reiki
  • $90 60 min Thai Massage + 30 minute Reiki

Save when you schedule 3!

  • $185 Three 60 minute sessions (any combo)
  • $260 Three 90 minute sessions (any combo)