Client Testimonials

I am so grateful for the clients who I have worked with to help them grow their practice. Here are a few testimonials from clients who have worked with me.


“I’ve had prior gym memberships but was apprehensive to join Molly’s Niantic Black Point yoga class. I had never done yoga before. Molly offered to come to my house for private yoga lessons, so I’d be comfortable in her class. She was so knowledgeable and helpful. She worked with me for over an hour. I ended up joining Molly’s class and loved her calming and encouraging style. She’d always demonstrate beginner and advanced poses,  and I really loved going.” -Sharon Silver

“Molly came to my house to teach me yoga, which is important to me because it’s difficult for me to take classes with a constantly changing schedule. She taught me the basic principles of yoga: like the breathing techniques and using your muscles, things I have not picked up in classes. The individualized one on one teaching was important to understand the proper forms, and how to get the most out of your routine. Molly asks all the right questions to understand what your goals are and is able to customize a routine to fit your lifestyle. I now have a great workout that I can do anytime anywhere and the understanding on how to maximize the results with the awareness from her teachings.” -Zoe Zrakas